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Mae Robertson

Singer, Recording Artist

Many parents use white noise machines at bedtime to mask the noises of the house. But white noise doesn’t do anything to help the baby fall asleep. Why not muffle household sounds with soothing music, which has been proven to calm babies, instead of bombarding those precious ears with noise?

Robertson has been singing and recording lullabies since her early days as a teacher and knows first hand the power of the human voice to calm and soothe. Bringing a new baby into the house is stressful, but lullabies with their simple, repetitive melodies have been used for thousands of years to calm babies and the ones rocking them. 

The idea for the Lullabuddy® began when Robertson’s granddaughter Frankie had to spend three weeks in the hospital soon after she was born. They set up an mp3 player with Robertson’s lullabies and a speaker near Frankie’s bed and played it all the time. It muffled the sounds of the hospital and the music made everyone calmer – Frankie, her parents, her grandparents, and even her professional caregivers. The nurses said they wished they had sweet music playing for all the children in their care.

Robertson knew if she could design a simple music player and speaker that had a timer, was easy to control in the dark with one hand, and be Bluetooth® enabled for streaming other music that babies and families would love it. It would be a 21st century music box. It took over two years to bring that simple idea to life, but now that Lullabuddy is here, it calms everyone in the house.

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