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Mae Robertson


"What’s better than a BFF? A lullabuddy. (Especially if you’re a new parent)."

US Weekly

"Lullabuddy comes pre-loaded with award-winning lullabies guaranteed to sooth AND mask household noises."

Arizona Midday

"I am in love with it!"

What Moms Do

"This palm sized Lullabuddy is perfect for anyone! Amazing sound! It’s great and easy to move from room to room and take anywhere!"

Grand Magazine

"As a Granny and gift-giver, this 21st-century music box with two hours of Mae Robertson’s beautifully sung, calming music, is on the top of my list."

Amy & Aron's RL Reviews

"Lullabuddy Is the perfect little bluetooth speaker for nursery and travel."

Alabama Living

“The main goal of Lullabuddy was to make it really easy to play some sweet music for your baby."


Interview with Singer, Songwiter, & Inventor Mae Robertson

Atlanta Parent

"The device can be easily transported, so you can keep your baby calm wherever you go."

Jewish Press: Kids Galore

"The predominately acoustic music is top-notch. These performances soothe and entertain parents and kids alike."

Mountain Brook Magazine

"Mae recommends using it for tummy time or nursing or rocking or just as a soundtrack for time with your baby, just as she uses it with her grandkids."

National Parenting Center

"high-end Bluetooth speaker - packed with lullabies & love songs from the exceptionally talented mind & voice of Mae Robertson."

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