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 Sweet Lullabies that will Calm Baby & You
Lullabies have been used for thousands of years to calm babies


Stress and fatigue are part of

every new parent's journey.

Lullabuddy brings peace

& calm into your home.

Grandparent Proof

Nobody likes dealing with complicated gadgets.

Lullabuddy is easy to use.

Just press play.


Babies can get fussy no

matter where you are.

Lullabuddy is small enough to take anywhere.

Lullabuddy portable music player &

speaker comes pre-loaded with two hours of

Mae Robertson's award-winning

lullabies and love songs.


"Luminous voice"

— New York Times

"Pure spun-gold vocals"

— Los Angeles Times

"Deliciously dusky alto"
— Parents' Choice Foundation

"Warm, luminescent voice"

— Entertainment Weekly

"Soft as velvet"

— Child Magazine


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"Lullabuddy gives what every mother wants — portability and calm. 

Such a perfect throw-in-your-purse

music player.

And it calms mama too!"

— Annee P. (Musician, Teacher, Mama of 3)


These are

days to cherish

But sometimes babies are tired and parents are just exhausted.

Music can calm, restore, and renew.

Turn stressed, exhausted times with baby into soothing, bonding moments.

Lullabuddy can help.


Front Angle

My Lullabuddy

Turn stressful moments into soothing, bonding moments with a Lullabuddy Portable Player & Speaker.

Lullabuddy Bundle - 2 Pack

Lullabuddy Bundle

Double the love with a Lullabuddy Portable Player & Speaker 2-pack. Keep one in baby's room and one in the diaper bag to soothe and calm any time, any place.

Lullabuddy Trio - 3 Pack

Lullbuddy Trio

Share the gift of soothing calm with a Lullabuddy 3-pack. Pass one along to grandparents or daycare staff, and keep one in the car, stroller, or diaper bag for baby meltdown emergencies.

"I started listening to Mae's CDs when I was pregnant to help me relax. Once

my babies were born, it was as if they instantly recognized the music.
ith the Lullabuddy, we can take songs with us wherever we go,

without me having to give up my phone. It’s easy to operate, fits in my bag,

and has a great battery life. It is the ideal gift for all new parents."

— Sherri  A. (Mama of Quadruplets)

"Mae Robertson's honey-pure voice
resonates with the hopes,

dreams, fears, and love

of parents down the ages."

— Parents' Choice



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Ready to Soothe. Right Out of the Box.


Buy Lullabuddy


Press Play



Tiny Speaker

Great Sound

Bluetooth Enabled

Lullabuddy's not just for bedtime.

It's for making any moment you share even sweeter.

"The hard part about grandparenting is all the equipment. Baby monitors, car seats, portable cribs, and strollers are so hard to set up. The Lullabuddy, though, is simple and perfect!"

— Laura A. (grandmother of 12)

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